Natasha Turovsky, artistic director

I am sure I am not alone in wishing time and again, that a day would have not 24 hours, but 48 at least! There just isn’t enough time for everything we have to, need to, want to do. There are just so many places to go, things to see and so much music to listen to.  A couple of extra days a week or extra months a year would certainly be a wish come true!

Our seventh concert season promises a bit of magic as it encompasses 24 months! 12 glorious months of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and 12 months of the magnificent Desyatnikov’s Russian Seasons!

Season seven promises to not only be magical, but also educational – as we will be learning to count from 1 to 111, beginning with the charming Nielsen’s Little Suite for Strings, Op.1, passing through the amusing concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra by Poulenc and ending with Brahms’ brilliant string quintet Op. 111.

Our season also promises to be dramatic as we experience the relationship and the love between Tchaikovsky and his patroness, Nadezhda vo Meck through their 13 year correspondence.

Arvo Part will continue the season of magic, education and drama with the strong spiritual virtue of his work, “Adams lament”.

The season will finally conclude on a very soulful yet festive note with different takes on the Jewish Soul by way of  Bloch’s Prayer, Ichmouratov’s recounting of ” One day of an almost ordinary life” and some of the best Traditional Klezmer music.

We are very fortunate to share this magical, educational, dramatic, spiritual, soulful and festive season with a line-up  of absolutely fantastic guest soloists and actors,  some of whom come from as far as the other side of the world and others as close as across the street!

Welcome to our seventh season!