Natasha Turovsky, artistic director

I must admit – until now I haven’t been interested in the whole numerology thing … then, one day my sixth sense told me to look up the meaning of the number 6. To my surprise, I discovered the description of number 6 paralleled our sixth season’s program:

6 is graceful, yet warm, funny and jovial much like Dag Wirén’s Serenade.
6 is charming, like Nino Rotta’s Concerto per Archi.
6 is idealistic like the Serenade for Strings by Josef Suk.
6 is meditative as in Barber’s Adagio.
6 is a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, whose dramatic side can be heard in the romantic Franck piano quintet.
6 is down-to-earth like the wisdom of Lekeu and the deep sympathy of Mirzoyan.
6 is also sacrificial like the anxious beauty of Shostakovich or playful as is Stravinsky.
6 represents enlightenment much like the era and work of Mozart.
6 also symbolizes resolution of polarity, the way our January concert unites Vivaldi and 20th and 21st century composers.

Finally, indigo is the colour of number 6: a beautiful shade of blue, as in Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue which opens our season.

Of course, there are also six degrees of separation among all composers in our season.

On top of all of this, 6 is also a symbol of luck, beauty, high ideals, creation, equilibrium, chance, harmony, balance, completeness and peace as well as having the greatest depth of emotion and … perfection!

Our goal for the sixth 6th season is simple: together with our fantastic soloists, we just have to prove numerology right.  Welcome to our sixth season!