Salle Claude-Champagne

Alexander Trostianskyviolin
Olesya Petrovamezzo-soprano

VIVALDI The Four Seasons for violin and strings
DESYATNIKOV, Russian Seasons for violin, voice and strings

Trostiansky is a first-class violinist in every sense; his interpretations stand apart for their thoughtfulness, elegance, precision and the beauty of the sound. –  La Presse

The velvet richness of Olesya Petrova’s mezzo is a voice the operatic world needs more urgently.  –  The Guardian

Russian Seasons for violin, voice and strings takes its folk inspiration from Stravinsky, with each one of its 12 ‘songs’ drawing on Russian folk tunes. The music is joyful and painful by turns but always enthralling. This composer has much to say and finds a unique voice to do so.

Olesya Petrova
Alexander Trostiansky