Pollack Hall

A symbiosis of theatre and music.

Vitali Makarov, actor
Maria Monakhova, actor

Excerpts from works by Tchaikovsky:
Serenade for Strings
Souvenir de Florence
Children’s Album
The Seasons

My Dear Friend…”, a play by Svetlana Migdissova, is based on the 13-year correspondence between P. Tchaikovsky and his patroness, Nadezhda von Meck. Through these letters, the public will witness not only the dramatic relationship of the composer and his patroness but also the evolution of Tchaikovsky as a world-renowned composer.  This story will unfold within the framework of the changing world at the end of 19th century, with famous Russians and Europeans as figurants. The role of Tchaikovsky will be performed by Vitali Makarov, and Nadezhda von Meck by Maria Monakhova. Tchaikovsky’s music, carefully selected for the occasion, will be like a third lead character. ”
(in French)

Vitali Makarov & Maria Monakhova, actors
Vitali Makarov & Maria Monakhova